Web Form Proccesing and Validation

FormProc 1.3.1 Now Available! - The 1.3.1 production release of FormProc is now available for download in Zip or Tar.GZ formats.

FormProc is a Java library designed to make web form handling easy. Forms are represented as objects which manage a collection of form elements. Submitted data can be validated through several mechanisms:

You can view the User's Guide online. The User's Guide is also included with each release. The current FormProc JavaDoc is also available online.

The current release of FormProc is FormProc 1.3.1 [Zip][Tar.GZ].

Developers interested in discussing FormProc should join the FormProc developer mailing list on the web


The following releases are available (Changelog):
Version Download
1.3.1 zip tar.gz
1.3 zip tar.gz
1.2 zip tar.gz
1.1 zip tar.gz
1.0 zip tar.gz
1.0b2 zip tar.gz
1.0b1 zip tar.gz
0.9 zip tar.gz
0.8 zip tar.gz
0.7 zip tar.gz
0.6 zip tar.gz
0.4 zip tar.gz
0.3 zip tar.gz
0.2.2 zip tar.gz
0.2.1 zip tar.gz
0.2 zip tar.gz
0.1 zip tar.gz

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