Package org.formproc.validation

Package which contains classes which are used for validing user input values.


Interface Summary
Rule Interface for a Rule.

Class Summary
AbstractRule Abstract base class which implements the Rule interface.
PassValidator A form validator which allows any incoming data to be passed as valid.
REValidator An implementation of the Validator interface which validates FormElements based on a Perl 5 regular expression.
RuleResult The RuleResult class encapsulates a result of a validation against a Rule.
RuleValidator A FormValidator which uses Rule objects to test for validity.
ScriptResult A simple wrapper object for a script result.
ScriptValidator A Validator which uses a BSF-supported script to validate the form data.
ValidationResult Class which represents a form validation results.
ValidationResultMap A map of field names to validation results.
ValidationResultSet A set of ValidationResult objects.
Validator Base class for all validators.
ValidatorGroup A Validator which contains a list of child validators to be executed in order.
ValidatorMapEntry Class representing a single validator map entry which has a reference to the validator class as well as system-wide properties for that validator.

Package org.formproc.validation Description

Package which contains classes which are used for validing user input values. There are several types of validators which are available including regular expressions, scripts and rule-based validators. Additional validators can be specified. Validators must extend from the Validator base class.

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